April, 2022; Box 6

April, 2022; Box 6

Collective Arts forms our first single brewery box, hailing from just outside of Toronto; the brewery is at the hub of all things craft beer and art in Canada.  The mission of the brewery is to combine "the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging and seasoned artists, musicians, photographers & filmmakers".

You can see this mission in evidence on the design of the cans - each can contains a QR code (now that we all know how they work!) giving the imbiber  a sense of the artist and link to more of their work.  They go a step further with Audio/Visual Lager which presents a playlist of up and coming artists - your perfect drinking accompaniment.

Picking 8 beers for a single brewery presents a challenge, do you go with what you know or do you try and find a range of styles that represent the whole breadth of the head-brewers programme.  We went for the latter this time but still found time and space for some classic sesh beers amongst the range.  Having said that - the Barrel Aged Porter is an absolute dream with strong bourbon notes throughout.

Estimated Retail Value of Box: HKD540

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