February 2022; Month Four

February 2022; Month Four

Whilst our beer club has been rumbling on for a few months now, February’s box is our first with exclusively imported beers for our club members.  We have focussed on three breweries from completely different parts of the world, showcasing a range of styles and flavours.  

Beavertown is one of London’s most popular breweries, with their Neck Oil Session IPA being one of the most drunk pints in the United Kingdom. We followed up the Neck Oil with Gamma Ray, an American Pale Ale and Bloody ‘Ell ,a British style IPA with a Blood Orange Twist.  Beavertown continue to push the envelope on what craft beer can be.

Moving from London, we showcased CR/AK, founded in 2015 and one of Europe’s most popular breweries is a farm to table brewery located near Venice in Italy.  CR/AK pronounced crack, place great emphasis on super fresh beers, full of powerful hops, big flavours and their own sense of integrity. This uncompromising approach has resulted in CR/AK acquiring their own farm.  This month's box includes Manduka - a session IPA inspired by Basque beaches and Guerilla IPA - using locally grown Australian and American hop varieties this beer is sure to excite IPA fans.

And for somewhere completely different; we bought beers from Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada).  Three different styles which showcase a desire to make traditional beers within the confines of a challenging climate.  Of the three we have put in the box their kolsch is probably our favourite, but the Weissbier and the IPA pack a strong punch. 

The retail value of the box is estimated to be HKD440 and as such represents great value for craft beer connoisseurs and general imbibers of great beer.

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