Introducing Craft Beer Club

Introducing Craft Beer Club

We’re Open!

Craft Beer Club is a Hong Kong first, a Craft Beer Club dedicated to delivering fresh new beers every month to you, the craft beer enthusiast. As keen beer drinkers ourselves we realized none of the subscription offerings provide beers from new breweries or even new styles from their chosen brewery - it’s a hash or an update from the same brewery each month. 

We’re doing it differently!

Our club is dedicated to delivering the freshest beer in Hong Kong directly to your doorstep. This means not only are you going to often be the first people to try these beers you’ll also be getting to tastes from breweries each month. 

How’s it going to work?

Every month we select eight beers, pack them up in convenient beer box and deliver them directly to your door. Or go for the 16 box and you’ll receive 16 beers, two of each, to discuss and share among friends!

Person in red t-shirt holding a box labelled craft beer club


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