March, 2022; Month Five

March, 2022; Month Five

We star with Oso out of Madrid, Spain. The Ursa Major is a lactose DIPA with a huge load of simcoe, citra and comet hops, this is paired with their Nature beer; a pale using oats & wheat to give a full bodied mouth feel. 

From Madrid its a short train journey to the beautiful Basque Country and beers from Basqueland Brewing. Founded in 2015 with the stated of making beer good enough to be served with Basque Cuisine. Raise by Wolves is a Hazy Ale, featuring Citra, Belmer & Cashmere hops. The Womper, a NEIPA was chosen by the World Famous Yakima Chief to be one of the first European breweries to use the Cryo Pop Hops.

Our final two breweries come from different corners of Europe; Pomona Island out of Manchester in the United Kingdom and Põhjala from Estonia. 

Pomona Island has takem the UK beer world by storm and we introduce HMS Thunderbird a huge Tripple IPA (this might be best shared!) and TWTLTRTD a wild cherry & grapefruit tea sour, never released in scale. These two brews really showcase what UK breweries are concocting. 

Põhjala is your encore. Established in 2011 in Tallin on the back of some awesome Baltic Porters. In 2014 former Brewdog brewer joined the team and things moved forward quickly. A combination of quality Estonian malts and ingredients make this brewery at the forefront of growing Baltic scene. We introduce their porter and American IPA to you for your enjoyment. 

Hopefully now is the time to drink in style.. at home. 

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