November, 2022; Box 13

November, 2022; Box 13

Winter might be coming to Hong Kong, but it is the start of Spring in
Australia - and we start in Australia this month. With three "Mountain
Crafted" beers from the beautiful Bright Brewery based out of the state of

First off their classic MIA named after their former brewer who went
missing after paragliding session (he was later found, alive). This IPA if full of
Australian hops and tropical flavours.
Second from Bright Brewer; Maple

Heist Porter named after the the infamous Maple Syrup Heist in mid 2012.
This porter uses real Canadian Maple Syrup and shows off chocolatey
undertones. Finally from bright their Strawberry Dream using over 800kg of
Strawberry Pure and a small amount of lactose. Expect strong strawberry
flavours as well as vanilla.

Out of Australia we have two beers from the United Kingdom. Beavertown
famous for their Neck Oil have introduced their new lager; Bones. Expect the
same crisp refreshment that Beavertown are known for. Also from the
United Kingdom Northern Monk's Holy Faith a breakfast beer (aka alcoholic)
is a super hoppy, light beer perfect for those occasions when you want to take
part, but can't drink.

We've also got two breweries from off the Med. Garage out of Barcelona are
at the forefront of the craft scene in Spain.
Whiptail and easy to drink

Modern Pale Ale includes some of the classic hop varieties but adds to it with
Cryo Azzaco hops to really bring the party. On the flip side Sequins is a rift
on the classic British Bitter, with Maris Otter and Fuggle hops give this
traditional style an earthy bitter flavour, with maximum pintability.
Finally Baladin, from Piedmont (Italy take the Bitter one step further with
their Super Bitter version.

Made using American hops to intensify the
flavour profile further, yet maintaining a nice caramel and toffee backbone.

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